Best Peanut Butter Sandwich

So, when reviewing a restaurant, if they have an item on their menu that is creamy, crunchy, salty, sweet and savory all at the same time NORMALLY that dish gets a big gold star from me. Well that is just what I have in my Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich. What makes this old classic perfect is that I added a few fabulous ingredients to kick it up a notch. Once your bread is toasted, which is key to having the perfect peanut butter and ANY sandwich you need to rub just a little bit of Kosher or Sea salt into the firmly toasted bread. I used some Red Hawaiian Sea Salt that I picked up from Earth Fare along with some Local Honey to just make it perfect. NOW, if you are having a diet cheat day spread a thin layer of butter on that outside of your bread and heat it in a non-stick skillet until brown... I promise this sandwich is restaurant worthy.

In other news... Congratulations: 3psofme.blogspot.com for being our Cinderella Shoe Winner. Please email us your full name and address.

In other news, we will be participating on Kendi's Winter 30 for 30 Challenge. If you are interested please click on the link above and sign up.
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Last Chance to Enter!!!

Shoe Giveaway!!!

Today before midnight is the last chance to enter to win a pair of Red Pumps courtesy of KDRS!!!

Please follow the directions HERE


Confession: Obsession

Dress: Stein Mart
Thigh High Boots: Nine West Outlet circa 2003
Necklace: Aldo
Crystal Vintage Bracelet: Estate Sale in Geneve, Switzerland

So, I dont know if you all know this but me and my Husband are original Sex and the City fans. Dont tell him that I told you all this but he is the one who put me on to SATC. It was summer of 2002, we were in college and when he got back from Summer break he was like "I have a new show for you" and the rest is history. We used to cuddle on the couch and watch episode after episode. When they came out on DVD, you know I HAD to have them all. Well you could imagine my excitement to see my favorite character Ms. Samantha Jones in my dress. OMgosh... I was so excited... never are you normally excited to see another girl in your dress but this was an exception.

SN: Today's high was 25 degrees...my camera was acting up and Blanket (our dog) was running everywhere... all I could manage to capture we these few pictures.


Orange You Glad...

I bought this sweater...I am :) I think im over the winter. Is it me or has it been cold for WAAAAYYYY too long? Wearing bright colors is my futile attempt at willing the cold temperatures to go away. Im sure my tune will change when the weather is 98 degrees
and I cant seem to breathe without inhaling humidity. Anywho, I digress. This is what I wore today. Dress: Diy'd from a mens dress shirt
Sweater & Belt: Thrifted
Boots: Rue 21
Hat: Hubby'd
As you can see, I am not wearing anything on my legs. This is due to the fact that as soon as I got home I started ripping off my "work clothes" so I could snuggle up with my hubby under my Snuggie(yes, I admit I have a Snuggie and I love it) and watch Family Feud. Well as Im snatching off my tights I realize I havent blogged an outfit in who knows how long. So being lazy and not wanting to re-dress myself they didnt make it back on my bod.

I promise to do better!
*crosses fingers behind back*


Our First Giveaway!!!

We are so excited to announce our First Giveaway!!!
Cinderella Giveaway

So, as you all know we are total bargainistas.... well this has totally rubbed off to our families and my sister purchased these fabulous Red Platform Pumps for only $3... she was so excited about the deal that she did not do the most important thing you should do when you are buying shoes... she didn't try them on. So as Im sure you can guess when she got home the shoes didn't fit. Uggg! She was so sad but since we wear the same size she passed them on to me to see if they fit me... well they didnt... how frustrating. Well, a mishap on her part has become an opportunity on yours.

This Cinderella giveaway is easy:
  1. Follow our Blog
  2. "Like" our Facebook Page
  3. and leave a comment telling us your shoe size.
All individuals who have the correct shoe size will be add to a random number picker thingy and a winner will be chosen a week from today.
Its just that easy!!!


Sunny Snow Day!!!

So, today was our first time away from the house since Sunday. We didnt go far but we at least was away from 110 Kingswood Dr. Of course I didnt care how snowy it was I did make it to Target. It was so bazaar to see a grocery store with no eggs and bread. Because of the weather there was no truck deliveries.
On the way home we stopped for a quick photo shoot.

Orange Boyfriend Blazer: Thrifted
Arabic Coca-Cola t-shirt: Morocco, North Africa
Jeans: Old Navy
Green and Brown Slouch Boots: Germany

While in college I decided that I wanted to live in France so I moved to France and studied the language for a year. While I was there I went to 15 different countries in Europe and North Africa. Along the way I picked up shoes... lots and lots of shoes. These boots and the ones HERE
were purchased in Europe years ago... oh, how I miss European shoe shopping.
Where is your favorite place to shop for shoes?

Cape Fear

Snow Leopard

So, this cape has been in the back of my closet for years. I actually almost gave it away a few times. My grandmother (who is 88 years old) gave it to me. She is so fabulous. She is probably reading this post on her iPad.
You guys I am scared of this cape... I love leopard and I LOVE capes but together I am just not sure. It has a short fur texture... Its loud and I wanna be brave enough to wear it... but I have big hair, big personality and them I have a Leopard cape... idk!
I thought that I would pull it out today to play snow leopard with hubby. We have been snowed in since Sunday... kinda getting stir crazy. Since I cant leave the house I made dinner tonight in this outfit... I havent put on real cloths since Saturday. We have been lounging in sweats and tshirts for days now. School is out again tomorrow (my husband is a teacher) so you know what that means... I am totally NOT working either. Clearly the Best Week Ever!!!

(the camera flash made this outfit a little X-rated)

I was planning on throwing this snow ball at my husband but he got me first.

Husband did a great job shooting pictures of me today... He was swell to come out in 30 degree weather. He didnt understand why I had shades on but I only had one word for him. Swagger!!!

Ps, Studded Stiletto Boots and 8 inches of snow dont mix. Just in case you were wondering


Sweet and Simple

So here it is day 2 1/2 of being snowed in. Dont get me wrong Im thrilled that I dont have to go to work but the downside is that I cant just run to the store whenever I get the hankering for something.
For instance I have had a taste for something chocolately and sweet for the past few days but I dont have enough cocoa powder to make a WHOLE cake. What to do????

Insert Chocolate Mug Cake Here:

4 tbsp. All Purpose Flour
4 tbsp Sugar
2 tbsp baking cocoa powder
pinch of salt
1 egg
3 tbsp milk
3 tbsp oil
1 tsp vanilla
chocolate chips

In mug, mix flour, sugar, salt and cocoa powder thoroughly. Add egg and mix again. Add remaining ingredients and combine. Place on a small plate and microwave on high for 3 minutes. It will rise so dont be disturbed when it does. Let it cool for about 2 minutes. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream. Drizzle with chocolate syrup. Its even tasty by itself! All you need is 5 minutes :)

I hope you'll try it!
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Fashion Below Zero

Its already not a good idea to take pictures at night... but taking pictures when the windchill is 13 degrees is a Horrible idea... it was funny though!

Dress, Hat, Tights:Target

Sweater and Shoes:Thrifted


Flying Fancy Free!!!

So, After a long hard week I could not help but to pull this skirt out of my closet... something to cheer me up... I know, I know... it's black... But this skirt makes me feel like a lady. Its so extra for no reason and I love it.
So today around 1pm I get a knock at the door and to my surprise its my Mother... in hand she has a total "ditch work" package... She has a movie in one hand and waffle fries (which are my favorite) in the other. WOW... I didnt know how much I needed to just laugh and hang out... It was a blast!!!

(trying to look like Im not freezing)

Shoes: Thrift Gifted by Keesha ($1)
Skirt: Thrifted 50cent
Cardigan: Thrifted 1 of 7 items in a $5 bag
Patent Leather Belt: Thrifted 1 of 7 items in a $5 bag

The Trenches

So, as you all know we are thrift store "sluts" (I mean that in the nicest sense of the word).
Approximately 85% of my whole wardrobe is proudly second hand. Well this plaid trench coat and stone gray rider boats are two items that make up some of that 15%. Both I saw and thought I could not/should not live without. I found this coat at Target last season... when I saw it gingerly hanging from its clear plastic hanger my heart went pitter- patter, it was over... I had to have it. As you all know I practically go to Target everyday, therefore I know most of the employees... well one of my favorite employees saw me today and we made our normal small talk. Well our conversation took a drastic turn when she told me that she got her granddaughter this same coat for $10... burn... I paid (well, actually my Husband paid) $65. You guys, I feel sick!!! Why oh why didn't I wait until it was on sale?
The moral of the store ladies is NEVER PAY FULL PRICE!!!
The End!

Plaid Trench: Target
Blue Mens shirt: Hubby
Jeans: Old Navy
Knee High Riders: Shoe Carnival
(sn: I had never been into Shoe Carnival until a few weeks ago, I was totally sleeping on that store, some shoes were snoozers or down right plastic but I walked out with two pair of riding boots.... who knew?)


So, New Years has always been special to me... it signifies a new beginning -- a rebirth... you get to start over and to be honest it feels great. When I think of all the lows and highs of the previous year it just kinda exciting to see what this year has in store.

"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." 2 Corinthians 5:17