Autumn Stripes

 Dress and Bracelet: Thrifted
Shoes and Belt: Target

 This dress has been in my closet for the last year or so but I forgot about it until the other day when I actually was in a panic searching for something to wear to church. Id purchased it when it was much too cold to wear. It was shoved in the back of my closet patiently waiting for me to remember her.

I really need to come up with a better clothes "filing" solution.

How do you keep from losing clothes when you buy them off season?

Ball of Confusion

Blazer: Gifted 
Tank,Shoes,Purse: Thrifted
Skirt: DIY from thrifted material
Scarf: DIY

Thats what the weather has been lately. A big ball of confusion. Today for example started out at a nice and breezy 62 degrees. The high was forecasted to be 82. By the end of the day it was a sweltering 88!!! I suppose this is my poor excuse for what I chose to wear today.

Bare legs+Blazer+Open toe shoe+Scarf = My in between seasons outfit :)

Happy Thursday!


I own plenty of nail polish. I never wear it. Im going to try and change that.

Ruby Kisses "Teal Envy"


TTO: A Great New Find

Happy Monday All! This weekend I went to an outdoor concert and this is what I wore:

 Dress, Jacket, Earrings, Bag, Shoes: Totally Thrifted!!!

I purchased this dress on friday from a local bargain hunters paradise for $4!

I snagged these Donald Pliner ankle booties for a mere $6!!!! 

How did you spend your weekend?

Member of the PTA

 Dress, "Belt", Cardigan, Clutch: Thrifted
Shoes: Marshalls

Ive clearly been watching too many Fred Astaire movies lately
The school year has officially begun and I am an active member of the PTA...What does that mean? Responsible attire, thats what.

Happy Thursday All!!!

Denim and Khaki

 Shirt: Hubby
Khakis and Belt: Target
Shoes: Vera Wang (Kohls)
Clutch: Thrifted, Same one Ive had in the last 10000 posts lol

Not much to say, just another OOTD. 
Happy Monday All :)

Ask and You Shall Receive + TTO

Outfit: Totally Thrifted!

In the last post I complained about how unbearably hot its been this summer. Well this weekend my wish was granted. Its been in the 60s for the past three days and its been awesome. The only drawback is that its also raining. Oh well I guess I wasnt specific enough with my weather request.

In other news: Does anyone notice something different about me???? Well Ive been getting bored with my hair lately and was starting to think about cutting it. Thats just how I operate. Always changing something. Meygan had a better idea. This weekend she was gracious enough to braid my hair. Im enjoying this change up. Thanks a MILLION to my sister wife Meygan :)

What do you do when you have the itch to change something up in your life?