I Love the Nightlife...

Deon's always ready for the camera :)

These two had us cracking up!

They lambada'd the entire night!

My buddy and only female co-worker. Hey Shirley!

We ALL know Deon LOVES Sequins!

She almost DIED when she saw this guys jacket

So last night was another fantastic DWC meetup. We had so much fun in fact, that we only took one picture. :( After we ate however, Deon and I decided to check out a local cover band instead of our usual after-party at Walmart. As you can see from the pics above, we had a blast!

Who knew you could have such fun on a Wednesday Night??

Skin So Soft (SSS)

So, my husband is a teacher and so since he is off of work during the summer and I work from home we have been spending a ton of time together... so this is the reason why his has been mentioned in all of my post lastly... besides I find him extremely amusing.

Soooooo, I know that we all have our bathing rituals... they are very personal and private. Well, my husband was in the bathroom one morning when I was going through my after bath ritual. Now, please understand I was really trying to get him out but NOOOO, he was brushing his hair and grooming his beard for what seemed like forever. Sooo, Im waiting for him to leave all wrapped up in my towel and he is just not getting the point. Well, since it didnt seem like I was going to get my normal alone time I started with my normal lotion ritual. I was almost done when he was like "hold up, hold up... are you really putting all that crap on your skin"... I start rolling my eyes like here we go! He is always joking on me.

I actually use all of these lotions everyday and have been for years.

The Shea butter lotion is for my legs and feet, the lotion gets mixed with the baby oil... especially during the summer.

The Stretch Mark lotion goes on places that have or could get stretch marks... I have a few marks on my stomach so I use it there but I dont have them on my arms, butt and breast and I dont want them so its like preventive medicine.

And the Bath and Body works lotion is for the areas that are exposed... my arms, chest and neck.

Okay, there I said it... Im a lotion freak!!! I know that I am not alone.

What are some of your secret bathroom behaviors?

Wild as the Taliban

Skirt/Dress: Thrift Gifted
Turban: Gifted from Jamaica
Sunny's: Dollar Tree (can you believe it $1)

So, my good friend over at the Fashionista Next Door was the inspiration for sporting this fashion turban. Hubby and I were enjoying a sunny day of shopping last week. When I walked out of the house he did not say anything about the turban and in his language that normally means that he likes what I am wearing. Well, we pulled up to the mall and I opened my car door and he stopped and was like "what are you doing, where are you going with that on your head"... With a chuckle in my voice I asked him what was wrong with it. I was trying to explain to him that it was something I was trying out. He is so funny, he was like... why do you have to ALWAYS be the one people to stare and point at? Such a funny moment. After a few people passed and complement me on being an individual he started warming up to the turban and even started walking next to me.

How do you all feel about the Fashion Turban?

(sn: I took some really cute pictures and made a mistake and deleted them all... I dont know what I was thinking... simpleton!!!)


The 911 Reporters

I dont think we've ever mentioned music on this blog. So to fix that Id like to introduce you to the music that is currently in heavy rotation in my car:

The 911 Reporters!

What can I say about The 911 Reporters? This band is pretty much AWESOME. I really dont have much to say except click here to check them out. If you love what you hear as much as I do, like them on Facebook. They also have music available on ITunes.

Please Support Quality Music!!!

What/Who are you listening to?

Hotter than a Mosquitos Tweeter

Dress: Gifted (thanks Meygan)
Shirt: Hubbies
Sandals: Target
Necklace: Forever 21

Its hot here...like 100 degrees hot! Theres no hiding from it. Its so hot, the air conditioners dont even matter. With that said, my husband is the king of wearing whatever he wants regardless of the temperature. Its like hes too cool to sweat :)
So this morning I decided to throw some sleeves on and try his method. Wouldnt you know it, I was cool as a cucumber all day! Perhaps its just a mental thing....Who am I trying to fool? Its HOT!!!
Sidenote: There will be no 30 for 30 from us this summer. Its too much of a hassle for us this time around. Maybe next time :)
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Blind as a Bat

Glasses have been a part of my "accessories" since I was 8 years old. I didnt wear them because I liked them, I was totally blind as a bat. Mostly because I would read until it was time to go to bed, then when the lights were turned off I would read with the flashlight I hid under my pillow. When my parents caught me with it, they took it away and I read by moonlight...sad I know. But thats the back story on the glasses. Ok, blah blah blah....
I said all that to say I recently (last month) got a free pair from Coastal Contacts during their giveaway to 500 Facebook friends...They only require you to pay for the shipping. If you like wearing glasses for cosmetic or necessity, they carry great frames for decent prices. Check them out! http://www.coastalcontacts.com/

Simple Day: Cap'n Crunch and Laptop

So, I have a huge paper due today at 6pm... of course I have not started working on it because that would be against all that I have ever learned to be. So hubby and I decided to work outside this morning. The weather was perfect, its perfectly overcast and a comfortable 75 degrees. I hope I can bang out these pages in a few hours... hopefully the warm breeze and the sound of the birds will propel me forward in writing an A paper full of Bla, Bla, Bla.
Of course we couldn't start our day without the breakfast of champions! I heart Cap'n Crunch!!

Whats your favorite Breakfast?

15 Minute Break

Okay, So... Its official. I AM THE WORST. I am so so so sorry ladies that I did not finish Beauty Week. I simply did not have the time. As you all know, I own a Marketing Firm AND I am in school getting my MBA soooooo every single day is a 3 ring circus. I have been pulling my hair out!!!
My husband could see that I was losing it and decided to take me out for happy hour. I totally needed to sit on the patio of a nice restaurant and have a virgin fancy drink with an umbrella. So I wanted to simply take a nice picture with my husband and this is how the picture comes out. He is such a JERK!!! Gosh, I love this man and his jerky little faces.

So, I think that Sweet Potato fries are really popular and this restaurant does them the best... they arent greasy or bitter they are perfect AND they serve them with a side of Blue Cheese. Perfection!!!

Sushi, Sushi, Sushi... oh how I love thee.. Tempura your the best... better than the rest.


Hair and Beauty week: Day#4


This box hold my hair coloring magic. No, I dont have highlights/lowlights.... Nope, I dont use multiple colors... all I do is pop open like 5 of these boxes and get to work. Now, what sucks is that one store normally doesn't have 5 boxes of the same color at one time, SOOOOO that means that I am always collecting them.. but its worth it! Shout out to Dark and Lovely, love you guys and thank you for making such a fabulous hair color.

Dont laugh... this is the only "shower cap" that fits all this curly hair.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is why you MUST MUST MUST press and cut your curly hair. I suggest that you do this every 3 months though I HAVEN'T done it in over a year. Slapping myself on the hand!!!

FRONT (Bangs?)
Trim, trim trim... the key to healthy looking hair... rather you wear it curly or straight is to keep your ends from looking raddy-taddy.

The Straightening precess:

If your an occasional or daily presser the idea to use as little heat as possible. Direct heat is harsh on hair.
  • When you are blow drying your hair, only blow dry is half way. Allow your hair to air dry until completely dry. This, believe it or not adds shine and body to your hair, it also cuts down on the amount of heat directly on your head.
  • Once hair is dry, section into 4 parts and work each part separately. Make sure your hair is clean. I use a drop of heat protector, my favorite is Chi Silk Infusion.
  • Now, if you have a real strong curl pattern like mine you are going to want to press your roots with the back on a pressing comb to insure that every section of hair is getting Linkpressed. I do not suggest using your kitchen stove for pressing because you can not truly control the temp of the comb. Its best to use an oven for even heating.
  • Once you go through each section with the pressing comb (if needed) then go back through with a flat iron so that you can make your hair smooth.
  • After using your pressing comb clean it in a solution of Apple cider vinegar and water and allow it to air dry. The comb gets clumps for yuk on it and needs to be cleaned after every use.
What your favorite hair coloring product?

Hair and Beauty week: Day#3

Lets have a hair heart to heart

A number of readers have asked how long I have been natural...
well this post in my love note to you.

I have been natural for the majority of my life, so there are things about transitioning that I dont know BUT I do wish I had money for a billboard that said "hair doesn't make the girl honey". Though I am saying this now with such authority I actually wish I would have come to this conclusion myself many moons ago. I spent many hair years hating my wooly hair and trying to keep my hair as "neat" as possible to appear more "professional". I used to hate when people would point at my hair, and I literally cringed when people referred to me as Afrocentric. It was reactions like this that prompted me to press my hair for many many years. Did my reaction suggest I had issues with appearing too ethnic? Honestly, I think that it did.

One of my favorite quotes by Elanor Roosevelt, is; No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Going natural is more than just transitioning out of a relaxer, going natural starts with reflecting on what led you to the relax your hair in the first place, and the views you have about yourself, what hair means to a women and what NAPPY hair represents . One day my soul just open up and I became REAL. I pressed my hair to appear "normal" but Im not normal... Im special. My advice for anyone who is going natural is to make sure you still feel special. Rather you wear your hair in a fro or pressed, braids or twist; your hair is a direct reflection on who you are. Understanding this makes dealing with your change in appearance easier, and it even puts you in a position to laugh off ignorant hair comments... trust me, there will be ignorant comments.

So, to all may natural sisters out there, what piece of advice can you offer someone who is considering going natural?



Lets talking about the safe way to lighten your eye brows.
Eye brow philosophy according to Deon

I think that if you have dark hair that your brows should be one or two shades lighter and if you have light hair that your brows should be a few shades darker... how ever it goes, I think that the brows need to be in some relationship with your hair.

Here is what I use:[before]


Photo at the top this post was taken today... yep, I have straight hair!!!
Tune in tomorrow for Hair pressing techniques and the truth about natural hair and coloring.


Day #2 Detangling and Deep Conditioning


So, I must confess... there has been times that I have not touched my hair for months because I dreaded the detangling process... its such a pain -- literally!!!

What I have found that eases the pain is before washing the hair to spray your hair with water and a few drops of detangling conditioner. I use something really cheap like VO5 or something on sale at Dollar General... You just need something to help with the detangling. Saturate the hair and section the hair... Starting the ends, use your wide tooth comb to slowly comb through hair.
Once hair has all been combed in sections, I wash my hair in those sections to insure that they do not retangle. This makes LIFE so much easier and if your like me, your tender headed... this method saves you some heartache and pain

Conditioning is such controversial issue... what conditioner is a good one? How do you know if its working?
Okay, what I have learned about conditioner is that the thicker the better. I love a thick, creamy conditioner.... If its thin and kinda runny, 9/10 its running right out of your hair.

Suggestion: Once your hair is clean and still in sections, apply a generous about of conditioner. Now, I know that the products that I am about to suggest are expensive BUT have you all noticed that you can get some fantastic hair care products at TJMaxx and Marshells for the low. Its like a great kept secret.
Apply the conditioner and massage from root to tip. I have a tendency to make sure that the hair gets conditioner but not the scalp... make sure that all of your hair is getting feed.
Leave conditioner on for 30 minutes if your going to sit under a dryer or use heat and 1 hour if your not. This insure that your getting a deep conditioning.
Rinsing out your conditioner is the most important part of cleaning your hair... especially if your going to be pressing your hair. Raise with warm water until all the product is out... ALL OF IT!!! Leaving some in your hair can result in sad, dull hair. Once all the product is out raise your hair change the water temperature to cold. Raising with cold water closes the hair follicle as well as leaves your hair shinny.

Here are some of my favorite conditioners.

Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner
Free Your Mane
Carol's Daughters Hair Milk
Miss Jesse Creme de la Cream
Pantene Relaxed and Natural
Chi Infer Treatment... Just to name a few!

What is your favorite conditioner?