Hair and Beauty Week:Day #1

So Ladies, its HAIR and Beauty WEEK!!!

I have had so many questions about what the heck I do to my crazy hair. I must admit up-front that I am no professional nor do I believe in using a ton of products. But I will break down what I do to my hair, maintenance, coloring and styling. I will also give some makeup tips that are so easy you will be able to perfect them before the weekend. I worked for M.A.C Cosmetics for years and though I do not wear as much makeup anymore, makeup is one of my first loves.
This week is going to be fun. I hope you all enjoy.

In order to know where you are going you have to remember where you have been.

Courtney also known as the Hubby in 2002
I actually got a perm in this picture, it was the first time since I 1997 and it lasted a day.

In 2008 I married the love of my life with all hair well past my bra straps... I actually cut off 7 inches and donated it to Locks of love.

After the big cut, I actually balled my head... which my husbands loves. I was allowing it to grow back finally in late 2009.

Sporting my natural hair color which is RARE!!! This was ummm, 2010?

Circa Now, big wild and unruly.

We would love to feature some of your "hair through the years" photos... just email us and will be happy to post them. Contact us at


Anonymous | June 6, 2011 at 9:41 AM

Gorgeous hair changes girl. I may have to blog this (definitely linking back to you), I've changed hair SEVERAL times. lol

Sing | June 6, 2011 at 12:20 PM

Loving your hair now, such a statement.

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