Day 15...I miss my friend

Why the long face you ask? Cuz I miss my hootchie, er I mean homie :) We have been doing this on our own for only a few days but it seems like FOREVER!!! Who else can remind me to apply lip gloss and lotion before taking pics?
Who is my favorite Housewife? Derrick J....Cant you tell Im channeling him? The heels and the high ruffled collar...The only thing im missing is the Huge Chanel Bag full of wigs and something else I dare not mention ;) But I digress...Heres the outfit rundown:

Pants:New York and Co
Bubble Gum:A little treat from my Jenny Pops candy bar at her wedding :)


Day 15 and hoochie!

Day 15: Hoochie Mama

Dress: Charlies Boutique
Hat: Husbands
Leggin: Idk

Blanket tried to warn me that this shot made me look hoochie!

So, Keesha and I schedule has been totally off and we can not seem to get together for our shoots... so instead of missing another day I put my little camera on the dresser and went to work. I dont have a remote so it was hard trying to run back across the room before the flash went off but I was able to capture "Deon being a hoochie"... Blanket does not like my outfit at all... she was running all around the room barking and pushing me.

I dont know why I put this dress in my 30 for 30. I have only worn it once a year ago before today... when I put it on I feel really Housewives of Atlanta. {shout out to my girl NeNe}

I hate to say it but I think that this one is out of rotation for our remaining days... this is what I get from closing my eyes and pulling things out of my closet. Scandal!

Who is your favorite Atlanta Housewife and Why... This should be fun!!!

14 of 30 Keesha

Jeans:Banana Republic
Boots:Rue 21
I suppose this is my "post Thanksgiving" post. Its kinda weird doing this without Deon but we'll be back together soon. As Deon said below, we are SUPER behind. I promise we wore clothing the last few days but looking at our blog im sure you would think otherwise. Just so that I would stay on track I wrote down each outfit I wore while I was away so that I wouldnt cheat on my 30.
The outfit pictured here is of the clothing that I wore on the ride to my parents house for Thanksgiving. They only live 2 hours away so we usually spend our holidays together. Actually we alternate between my parents and my inlaws. Both sides of the family spend the holidays together. I must say that it is AWESOME to have parents that are friends. Everyone gets to see everyone at the same time.
Anywho, Happy Post Thanksgiving. I hope you had a great time with the ones you love. We'll be playing catch up over the next few days so keep coming back for updates :)
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Day 14

Dress: Thrifted
Boots: Thrifted
Fur Shrug: H&M
Earrings: Keesha'ied
Belt: Keesha'ied


OMgosh, I was looking forward to it and now that its over I am so beat. So Keesha and I are a little behind on our post but we promise to catch up.
I had family to come in town and we had a full house. We had so much fun and I am SURE that I gained like 15 pounds. So people feel like just because you are a vegetarian that your gonna be skinny and eat low fat... man I really wish that was true. I hit the gym early this morning trying to work off the million calories I eat. Between the stuffing, mac and cheese and string bean casserole I will be spinning every day for MONTHS.

So, my very good friend Felicia who lives in LA and got engaged this weekend... So excited for her and Juan. He is super romantic and had a ton of stuff planned for their special day. Even though the hubby and I could not be there he made it special for us by snapping tones of pics and it was great! They left this morning for a pre wedding honeymoon vacation in Mexico.
So excited for you guys!!! We Love you both!!!

Well, I like everyone in the world the day after a long weekend is the worst but I am trying to stay "Pink Positive". The fur shrug helped me feel fun and warm... it made this day just a little bit more enjoyable.

I would love to hear how your work day after the holiday was... Please share!
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Day 13: Gratefulness

Tights:Dirt Cheap
So, its the day before Thanksgiving and I am already tired. Between airport pick ups and cooking I am totally beat... Im taking a break from the madness to catch you guys up on the happenings. Today a friend of mine was layed to rest, he was in a motorcycle accident earlier this week. It is just so sad to think about all the people who are dealing with death and the passing of a friend or family member during the holiday season. While I was cutting up celery for my famous stuffing, I took time out and just Thanked God for all of his goodness.
I want to remind you all while youre sitting around with your family laughing and enjoying this very special time of the year please lets just remember to say THANK YOU!

Sweater: H&M (why is the top button screaming in this pic, geez)
Blouse: Target
Pants: Bitten (oops, totally didnt make this shoot)
Shoes: Target
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Loving the weather/ day 12 of 30 for 30

Shirt: TjMaxx
Blazer: Target
Pants: Old Navy
Leopard Printed Shoes: Belk


Top:Old Navy

Jeans:Hot Topic



So the weather has been SO wonderful for the past few days. Sunny and 70... Until this morning.
I woke up to the sound of rain hitting my window pane.

Well, today we opted for an inside shoot as oppose to battling the elements. To my surprise a little after noon o'clock the sun came out and dried up the land... everything was find and dandy (sing along if you know that song).

In other news, Im so excited that it is almost Thanksgiving. Family starts coming in town tomorrow. I am actually late posting today because I have been shopping and cooking most of the the day away.

I have so much to be thankful for. It is just amazing. I dont have all that I want but I have ALL that I need.


Day 11/Girls Night Out!

Out on the Town... Girls Night Out!!!

Last Night Keesha and I decided to do something we never do... we went out... like out of the house... we went out on the town. Last night we went to Soul Lounge. It is an open mic type night that the fabulous and unbelievably talented Joi Tiffany host each month.
It was a great girls night out. The featured artist was Avery Sunshine. She was amazing. You guys please check her out on You Tube.

Okay so here is how our night went... also I want to note that we did NOT cheat on out 30 for 30 and we are totally claiming this as day 11.


Black button down: Bitten
Black Bubble Skirt: Target
Clutch: Dior
Shoes: Thrifted

Keesha and I sat upstairs at the bar sipping on... NOTHING... We don't drink but we looked cool

Thank you to my bestie Beth for inviting us. She is so fabulous!

So the joke is that I dont smile in pictures. Keesha says that I always pout. Well I was wearing my fav pink lipstick (girl about town, it was perfect for the evening)... so I finally showed off my whites.

After the show we went to a Southern Classic Restaurant... The Waffle House

Note: There are no pictures of what we ordered to eat... it was simply embarrassing... We were so hungry.... we did have diet soda and water, so that counts right?

Razzle Dazzle Them

So, the holidays are all about family. I have only been married for two years so once a year when you visit your new family you want to razzle and dazzle them. You always feel great when youre wearing a cute pair of shoes or a new shiny ring.

Here are a few of my under $50 fancy Etsy finds.


Day 10 of 30 for 30

Living Out Loud

Jeans: Bitten
Sweater: Limited
Corduroy Blazer: Thrifted
Sage Shoes: Zara
Head Scarf: G. Bean (aka stolen from Mom)

Jeans:Hot Topic
Necklace:Cant remember
Boots:Rue 21
So, Keesha and I have the most amazing relationship with our parents. We literally talk to them on the phone at the very least 60% of the time in a day... that's a WHOLE lot of chatting but honestly I would not trade it for anything in the world. Well, this morning my Mother was busy chatting it up... I did not even put her on hold. She is such an amazing Women and I am thankful to be her child.
Speaking of thankfulness, Keesha is thankful for the tree that she is hugging... Awww Yes, Green Week!!! It is just a few days that set aside to remember Mother Earth.

I was raised "Green", my Mother has always taught us to reduce, reuse, recycle... I honestly don't think it had anything to do with the Earth it was just that we didn't have money to waste... so the rule was when your not in a room turn off the light or when you out grow of an article of clothing, that shirt can live on as a pillow case and those pants can become a cooking apron.

We would love to hear how you keep things "alive"... you know Milk carton to flower pot. Cant wait to hear your ideas.


Day 9 of the 30 for 30

Pretty in Pink!!!

Pink Blazer: Thrifted
Cobalt Blue Turtle Neck: Gap
Black and Gray Pants: Old Navy
Leopard Print Shoes: Belk

Pink Shirt Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Target
Leopard Shoes: "thanks dad"

So, taking these pictures is the highlight of our day. When we got together today we notice that we'd made the same choice of color and shoes. We are both wearing pink and Leopard. Random!!! (Great Minds)

All the falling leaves in the background are gorgeous. I love the fact that our state does have a clear Spring, Winter, Fall and Summer. Being from Florida I am still getting used to all the red and orange leaves. My husband is from Virgina so he grew up with the change of seasons... so its funny that while we are driving I am pointing out the window at a random tree with yellow leaves... he thinks it so funny.
Aww well, its my favorite time of the year and the changing of the trees are just one of the best parts.

Day 8 of 30 for 30

(skirt is not so "risque" when Im standing lol)
"skirt"-Dress from TJMaxx
Sweater: Bitten
Jeans: Bitten
Belt: Thrifted/Keesha'd
Sage Shoes: Zara
Necklace: Keesha'd
(Hot Tea: Celestial Seasoning)

When Deon walked in the door I was so floored. I have known her for years and she's NEVER dressed down. It was so funny to see her rocking jeans and a light sweater... she is cute in whatever she wears.

Today was my day to jazz it up. It was also my first remix. The "skirt" in this picture is the same dress from Tuesday with a different top. I have been really surprised at how many different ways that you can wear just a few items of clothing. It makesme think that maybe I have too many clothes to start out with. (Ha Ha, JK!)

A friend of mine said that she thinks its great that we are doing this 30x30 but she could not do it because she is afraid that all her other clothes would be mad at her. So Funny.
I know my clothes and closet are upset with me. I have been keeping my 30x30 clothing in a separate closet so that I am not even TEMPTED to add something new.
Honestly, its getting easier. Who am I kidding?
I cannot wait to go shopping!!!

Day 6 and 7 of the 30 for 30

So, I want to thank you all for your words of encouragement and your patience. We are still doing our 30 for 30 but we have fallen a little behind. Baby Corrin (also known as the cutest baby in the WORLD, oh yeah and Keesha's daughter) has had an ear infection. Well, we are each others photographer so we have been a little off.

Today is catch up day. These are the outfits that we actually wore on Monday and Tuesday... We have to consult Kendi to find out if this is cheating. (giggle)
Disclaimer: We could not find the camera charger therefore we had to take these pictures really fast... you can totally tell we were running and trying to snap the shots really fast before the battery went dead.

Oh yeah, most importantly...I want to thank Fashionista Next Door for her response to our blog post/email. You guys please check out her site and become a follower. She is a total Fashionista and Fabulous!!!

Jeans: Bitten
Cobalt Blue Turtleneck: Gap
Striped Sweater: H&M
Sage Shoes: Zara

Shoes:Payless 08

Pink and Blue Dress: Totally Thrifted
Orange Sweater: Limited
Sage Shoes: Zara

Aww... Baby Corrin helping

Jeans:Hot Topic
Boots:Rue 21


Day 5 of 30 for 30

So, I think that this gorgeous picture of Keesha makes up for the picture that I posted earlier this week. LOL... as the week has gone on we are trying to get better at this picture taking thing.

Blue Leopard print shirt: Thrift
Black Bubble Shirt: (not shown): Target

Top:Gap via Thrift


Booties:Payless 08

Last night we went to a J. Moss concert in Nashville, TN. It was a family affair, Keesha's parents were there, they live in Nashville and its always great to see The Grandpat and Sweetie. Our Husbands came, my sister and her friend and Keesha's in-laws were all in attendance. It was so good to get out of town for awhile.

On the way back we were so hungry so we wanted to either eat at Cheesecake Factory or Taco Bell... ha Ha.... I know they are WORLDS apart. We all wanted Cheesecake Factory but we had to make a 2 hour drive back home so we settled for Taco Bell... Not eating meat and eating at Taco Bell means our whole meal was substituted with BEANS. MAN...Beans + a two hour drive= riding home with the windows down. HaHaHA... it was so funny... Nasty but it was funny.

All in all it was great time had by all.


Day 4 of 30

Jeans:Banana Republic
Photo:A questionable friend (lol)
So, I have to start out by saying that Keesha is going to KILL me for posting this picture of her but I could not help it. We have honestly had a BLAST this first week and her smile says it all. So we blog about fashion but it has not been fashion that we have on ourselves... so this is our first time in front of the camera like this and I must say it has truly been a challenge. We never get to see each other everyday so this week was ultra special...Clearly we are going to have to invest in a tripod or pay our husbands to snap some shots of us everyday... LOL! So, yeah... its been a great first week, we have been able to compliment each other on our outfits since we are still not receiving any comments (clearing throat)... LOL... No, honestly it has been a swell time.


This is my first repeat. I (Deon) own an International Marketing Firm and have meetings often during the week... the Great part is that its NEVER with the same client SO I am able to repeat outfits often. My cleaners lady is going to wonder where I have been but the cash that I am saving I will be putting right back into my favorite Thrift Store as soon as we can shop again.

Okay, so I have to apologize for posting so late... this has been a crazy Friday and to top it all off I had a visit from the Allergy/Sinus Witch. My face felt like it was on fire earlier... I am finally feeling somewhat better.

Thank you guys for following us this first week. Tomorrow Keesha and I are going to a Concert... I did not find out about the concert until this week so I hope that I have something in my remixes that is "Concert Worthy"


Day 3 of 30

Day 3 of 30 for 30

So today being Veterans Day the whole world was off of work except for me (deon)... So I decided that I would goof off, cancel my appoinments and hang out with Keesha and the kids...It was the best day ever. I got to create a new avatar on the Wii with Micah while Corrin played in my purse, she is the cutest in lipgloss.

SN: I really hope that the appointment that I blew off doesnt read this blog post. Come on... It was 75 degress and Sunny in November, what was I suppose to do?

Awww, well... c'est la vie

Khaki Skirt: Thrifted

Bat Winged Shirt: Gap

Scarf: Baby Gap... I know, Random!

Plum Shoes: Target

Pink Blazer: Thrifted

Black and White Striped Shirt: Thrifted

Dark Blue Jeans: Bitten (I miss you SJP)

I really liked this picture so I decided to post it twice. Love having such a cute, fabulous, fierce, friend!