Day 13: Gratefulness

Tights:Dirt Cheap
So, its the day before Thanksgiving and I am already tired. Between airport pick ups and cooking I am totally beat... Im taking a break from the madness to catch you guys up on the happenings. Today a friend of mine was layed to rest, he was in a motorcycle accident earlier this week. It is just so sad to think about all the people who are dealing with death and the passing of a friend or family member during the holiday season. While I was cutting up celery for my famous stuffing, I took time out and just Thanked God for all of his goodness.
I want to remind you all while youre sitting around with your family laughing and enjoying this very special time of the year please lets just remember to say THANK YOU!

Sweater: H&M (why is the top button screaming in this pic, geez)
Blouse: Target
Pants: Bitten (oops, totally didnt make this shoot)
Shoes: Target

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