Just Me and the Boys

Hubby and I
Myself and Baby Brother inlaw
Hubby and the Twins
Me n the twins
The Twins: Brian and Brandon
All 4 nuts

This weekend my hubby and I went to Nashville along with my brother inlaws. I married into a family of musicians so whenever we travel it tends to be surrounded by music. This trip was no exception.
We got to Printers Alley for Open Mic Night a bit early and I had my camera so we had an impromptu photo shoot. Arent they handsome?
Hope you enjoy the pics :)

Happy Weekend....

While enjoying your family and friends remember the people who made this extended weekend possible! Happy Memorial Day Weekend :)

DWC Meetup: Fondue Fun Times

Hi, We're Deon and Keesha :)
We Had a BLAST last night for our monthly Dirty Wives Club Meetup
Theres nothing better than girl talk paired with melted cheese and chocolate (not in the same pot of course)

Beth and Deon being themselves :)
Dress: DIY'd (isnt it gorgeous!)
Sandals: Forever 21

Top & Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Nine West via Shoe Carnival
A fun time was had by all...we werent the only three there but we arent going to blow their cover!

Adorable Blog Award

WHAT A SURPRISE!!! We were nominated for the Most Adorable Blog Award. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Sunny @ Musings of Louisville Slugger for this nomination. You guys, please check out here blog, She is amazingly fabulous!!!

10 Things About Deon
  1. I will probably never act my age
  2. I LOVE fashion but I dont like to pay for it. "id rather be thrift shopping" what a great bumper sticker
  3. I dont like black and white movies
  4. Id rather spend a day with my husband than anyone else
  5. I hate cheap Q-tips
  6. I wish I wore an A cup bra... big boobs are over rated
  7. I am STILL NOT my hair... though we have a lot in common
  8. I think its funny when the people on the Biggest Loser fall off the treadmill #shameface
  9. I have a crush on Bravo's Andy Cohen
  10. And Lastly I think its funny when I pass gas... there I said it!!!
10 Things About Keesha

1) Im a pretty dull person(in my head at least lol)
2) I've had a crush on my husband since the 2nd grade
3)I love nail polish and own more than Id like to admit since I hardly ever polish my nails
4)There isnt a day that goes by that I dont question myself *sigh*
5)My kids are funny and drive me crazy daily
6)I dont collect friends. I have a handful that I love dearly
7)I have to coolest Dad in the world (shout out to The Grandpat)
8)I have a million pairs of shoes and cant seem to stop wearing the same 3 pair
9)Thrifting isnt a hobby, its a way of life
10)Im addicted to eyeglasses. I have to wear them and love to buy them


Linka Living: I love her Mommy Style
Fashion nette-work: Love her personal style
Besos, Lynn: She is just so darn cute
Itsmytaste: Her blog post are fantastic
Zarna Runway: She is just a true fashionista!
Rush Our Fashion: An amazing blogger who loves to have fun

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Dress & Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Nine West via Shoe Carnival

Good day all! I dont have much to say today. I think its probably because I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday so Im one tooth dumber :)
Today was a much better day though. Why you may ask? I think its because its a sunshiny day outside and I got a new lens for my camera....happy days for me :)

Chinese Food "Soup Nazi"

The Best Chinese Food :)
Yeah Im not too sure what the old unplugged fax machines are for
While waiting for your food you can browse through the
candy and porcelain figurines that are for sale
I couldnt take the pics fast enough for the kids! They started eating
as soon as I pulled it out of the bag :)
Why I cant use my kitchen
So this post is pretty random but I thought I would share anyway. So as we said before there was a really bad storm in our area recently. It really threw everything out of wack for me. I can honestly say that since April 27th I have not used my stove AT ALL. Yup, we have been eating out or eating PB&J for nearly 2 weeks now. I just cant seem to get my head back in the game. I tried yesterday but The Hubby decided to start laying new floors in the kitchen so its off limits. Anywho I have been revisiting some restaurants that I used to frequent several years ago.
My son LOVES tofu so we decided to have chinese food for our Mothers Day Dinner. In our area, there are several chinese restaurants but none can compare to Golden Star. The food is super fresh and the service is, well for lack of a better descriptive word "Soup Nazi-ish". The lady that takes the orders literally screams at the customers as soon as they walk in, "Wa U Wan!"
No time for looking over the menu. This lady is on a mission. She doesnt discriminate when it comes to who she yells at. Black, white, old, young, whatever. Hurry up and order! I really wish I could have taken a picture of her but I was afraid that she would banish me forever and I cant live with that!
I will take the abuse as long as shes feeding me!


Sad Cinco de Mayo???

So, since College Cinco de Mayo has been my favorite holiday, it is honestly up there with Thanksgiving. Well, this year stated out like the other... Hubby and I texted all day planning where we were going to go and we made sure eat a very light lunch so that we could chow down that evening. Well, we got dressed for an evening for laughter and virgin drinks and when we got to the restaurant which is normally loud and full of semi- drunk celebrators, we found an empty, cold restaurant full of smiling and eager waiters. It was surreal... So we seat on the patio and order some drinks and queso dip in silence. Finally, I asked our server where all the people where ? She explained that they were expecting a low turn out due to the server weather that we had last week. She explained that when people are broke they don't want to drink and laugh. I guess that makes since to some people but for me its the total opposite.Well, sitting in a completely quiet restaurant the Hubby and I made the best of an extremely weird situation... we were the life of the party. We sit, eat and talked for almost 2 hours!!! Sans Alcohol!!!

(Please note I wore a very lose fitting dress, that means I knew I was coming to put away some authentic Mexican cuisine. #nojudgement)

I believe they slipped some 1800 tequila in our drinks because we had a blast.

The best part of this food shortage situation is that everything was made fresh, all the way down to these chips. I think we killed at least 3 baskets full... they were delicioso!!!

Twisted Fate

-Picture taken the day before the storm-

1970s Floral Dress: Totally Thrifted
Smile on my face and sunshine: Priceless

So, we really want to thank all of you for your emails of concern. We (Keesha and Deon) are doing okay. Like Keesha said, we are finally getting things back to normal. I have to tell you that nothing that you saw on CNN gave this situation any justice but slowly and with much prayer things will get back to normal. Please promise us that you will live life to the fullest... you never know when a some form of "twisted fate" will change your life.

After The Storm...

via http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/04/28/huntsville-al-tornado-video_n_854921.html
Hi Everyone. Please excuse our absence. On April 27th, our area was hit by several tornadoes that resulted in a week long power outage and severe property damage. Deon and I have sustained little to no property damage so we are EXTREMELY grateful, however alot of our neighbors did not fare so well. Although we are back in business (ie. power restored) our posting will be sporatic due to our attempts to regain a sense of normalcy.
Thank you all for your concern :)