Sad Cinco de Mayo???

So, since College Cinco de Mayo has been my favorite holiday, it is honestly up there with Thanksgiving. Well, this year stated out like the other... Hubby and I texted all day planning where we were going to go and we made sure eat a very light lunch so that we could chow down that evening. Well, we got dressed for an evening for laughter and virgin drinks and when we got to the restaurant which is normally loud and full of semi- drunk celebrators, we found an empty, cold restaurant full of smiling and eager waiters. It was surreal... So we seat on the patio and order some drinks and queso dip in silence. Finally, I asked our server where all the people where ? She explained that they were expecting a low turn out due to the server weather that we had last week. She explained that when people are broke they don't want to drink and laugh. I guess that makes since to some people but for me its the total opposite.Well, sitting in a completely quiet restaurant the Hubby and I made the best of an extremely weird situation... we were the life of the party. We sit, eat and talked for almost 2 hours!!! Sans Alcohol!!!

(Please note I wore a very lose fitting dress, that means I knew I was coming to put away some authentic Mexican cuisine. #nojudgement)

I believe they slipped some 1800 tequila in our drinks because we had a blast.

The best part of this food shortage situation is that everything was made fresh, all the way down to these chips. I think we killed at least 3 baskets full... they were delicioso!!!


Anonymous | May 8, 2011 at 4:00 PM

I am the same way- I don't want to get lost in my sadness, oh no!!! I'd much rather get out and do something fun to change my mood!

Ife' | May 9, 2011 at 2:23 PM

oooh new layout. me likey!

That is so interesting. I am with you. I would have thought that people would have wanted to escape the craziness for just one night and have a good time, but hey! if you can't afford it, you just can't afford it. It's so sad :(

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