Summer Fatigue

 Army Jacket and Unitard: Thrifted
Shoes: Marshalls
Bag: Gifted
Is it just me or does this summer feel like a marathon???? It seems like its just never going to end! Im ready to wear a sweater darn it!!!! Ok Woooo-Saaaaahhhh.......

With that said, I decided to run all my errands super early in the morning when I wouldnt feel like a loon wearing sleeves :) I did my grocery shopping, bill paying and other random stopping between 6 and 11am. For some reason, wearing sleeves made me feel a little bit better about the fact that in a couple months I just might wish it were summer again.

Anyone else feeling trapped in this heat?

Turban Mania

 Im a serious hat lover. Theres no hat that doesnt send my heart aflutter. On the other hand, Im not much of a turban kinda gal. At least I thought I wasnt. Deon is great at pulling looks like turbans and headwraps off without it looking forced.

 A recent trip to my fave thrift store changed my mind!
The fabric and pattern spoke loudly to me. There was no way I wasnt gonna give this lovely lady a home! I honestly never thought I would say this but I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS THING :)
Would you/do you rock turbans?


OOTD: Black and Blue

Dress and Clutch: Thrifted
Belt and Earrings: Forever 21
Shoes: Marshalls

Happy Thursday!


Puerto Rico Vaca

Okay, so... all I can say is that I am sorry!!! Gosh, I have truly missed you all. Hubby and I went to Puerto Rico and honestly, I didnt want to come back. It was amazing... and just want I needed.

Top: Photo Shoot on the beach at 3AM.

Thank GOD for the Turban, I rocked it most of the vacation.

I know I seem real girly girl, but I love to mountain climb, this was great fun and the waterfall was breathtaking. ( thats me at the top)

(Rainforest with beach in background)... so of course I started talking to the other people who stayed at our hotel and this couple offered to take us to the rainforest. I knew the couple and I would hit it off because she wore a thong to beach everyday... oh, yes! She was a 200+ pound, 50+ year old women in a thong. AMAZING!

So, I was told that this Coconut water was going to be good but instead it tasted like saliva. Yek!

We found our home on the beach and in my FAVORITE Color!!!

Now, its time for the most important part of the trip, the food! I have to warn you, these pictures suck... I was so hungry and greedy that I simply snapped a shot and dug in.
Delicious but not so Nutritious

Authentic Puerto Rican food (above), it was amazing. The best part was the Plantains. I tried to eat them with every meal.

(above) Smoked Salmon Panine with arugula, capers and garlic mayo served with homemade fries. Changed my life!

So my husband LOVES pizza, so we eat if often... BUT! This was the best pizza I have ever put in my mouth. It was a Blue Cheese and some other type cheese pizza. You guys, It was the best Pizza that we had EVER had. I lost my mind.

(above) Okay, so as you all know we dont eat meat and so it was a risk to order an enchilada thats not a basic cheese enchilada... and this plantain, zucchini and tomato enchilada was so delicious! I am totally planning on going on a serious diet before we go back.

Ladies, we had to best time EVER. I gained SO much weight that I refused to take pictures from the neck down. (lol)... I totally suggest that anyone wanting to take a late summer vaca that they go to Puerto Rico. It was truely breathtaking.

What did you ladies do this summer?


Mildred Braithwaite


Top,Belt,Bag and earrings:Thrifted
Shoes: Shoe Carnival (Nine West)

Do you ever wonder about the story behind a piece you purchase from a secondhand store? I always do. Who wore it? How did they style it? Why did they buy it? This top is the jacket to a dress(dress soon to be posted). Why was everything so "matchy-matchy"?

Anywho, I call this top "Mildred Braithwaite". Doesnt it make sense?