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Have a Great Weekend!

have a great weekend.... thank you mary ruffle ... love the pics
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The Sound of Music

I HEART The Sound of Music. Its one of the million things that Keesha and I have in common.

Tickets are between $16 and $20...

(Support Your Local Fine Arts Programs)
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"Make it Work Designers"

The Night the World has been waiting for. I'm so excited about the Season Premiere of
Project Runway.

I am also So excited that Models of the Runway IS NOT coming on after P.R.
(what took them so long to see that show is lame)

Its my pleasure to introduce a New Series... ON THE ROAD with Austin & Santino.
(debut right after project runway)

Arguably two of the best Non-Winning, yet most entertaining contestants in Project Runway History.
-stay turned tomorrow for series and season premiere review-
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After a long day for of the same ol... same ol... there was a "silver" lining.

I was driving up to my house, the only one in the neighborhood with a Red Door when something caught my eye.

There was something on the porch.

By the time I got the car into the driveway and gathered all my things I totally forgot about the image I saw as when I passed the door.

Walking tiredly, feet hurting (fashion is pain), hands full, mind Penser'ing (the verb to think in French; Penser)... I walk up the two brink stairs and came face to face with a Big Orange Box.

Now, dont get me wrong the box was the most beautiful color of orange but contents were mind blowing.

12 piece Gourmet Cookware Set.

You guys dont understand. ALL of my pots and pans I have are either stolen from my Mother (thanks mom) or have purchased for less than 2 bucks at my local thrifty/bargain stores.

I was having such a crummy day.... I mean a crummy week and this has simply MADE MY YEAR.

I opened the box and photoed them all for you guys. Then I made a nice hot bath for them with lots of soap and washed them all... looking at my reflection in each of the clean, silver, shinny bottoms.

Now, even though I was excited about getting the pots slowly the fact that I was so tired crept back into my body. All I wanted to do was fill each pot with something fabulous to eat. Something that would make Bobby Flay want the recipe.

BUT... because I was so beat up by the day... I just made rice and stir-fry (boo)

Oh well, I will have them FOREVER... well that is until my children steal them from me. Karma!

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Master Chef

Yesterday was the Series Premiere of a New Cooking Show... Master Chef on Fox

Call me ol'school but once I get a favorite show I dont like others to come in and try to be like it. Dont try to be like an Iron Chef or Hell's Kitchen.

Master Chef is proven to be something totally new!

The idea is to take 30 Home Cooks and turn them into Chefs. Of Course only the best Chefs in the country can be their judges.

The Fabulous Gordon Ramsey, The owner of 30 Restaurants Joe Bastianich, and my personal fav Graham Elliot.

You can watch this weeks episode here or check it out Tuesdays right after Hell's Kitchen.

Stay turned as I think that I am going to follow this show... As long as my DVR doesn't break I be keeping you posted.
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Little Blanket

I know that I call her "little" and I refer to her as "my baby"... but no matter how big she gets she is still that little blue eyed puppy. Watching her grow up and learn something new everyday has been amazing.
Actually, nothing much has changed since she was a puppy. She still needs all the attention, sleeps in the bed with Charlie and I and cries when we leave the house... the only difference is that she eats 6 Cups of food a day and weights 50 Pounds.

No matter how big and bad some people say she is... Blanket is my baby.

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Happiness is...

So I spent $5 dollars, bucks, smackaroos, whatever you call your hard earned money and guess what it got me?

These cutey patooties:

Aren't they cute!!??!?!?!?! I love the lil hint of wood detailing on the back. Thank you Rue 21! Gotta love a bargain! If you like these shoes, check here http://www.rue21.com/ for locations near you!

Ok all my barganistas, what have you found lately that was a great deal that you couldn't pass up?

Simply Lemonade

When life serves you lemons...


Or just buy it like I do. Umm!
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These are two of my favorite things (today)

Two of my fav shows on Two to best Networks
(both show tonight @ 8 or 9 or 7?)

I know that everyone has their favorite but these two represent the two things that I love the most.
Im so GLAD that Nina from Design Star has been kicked off last week. Its always great to be confident. When you know that you are talented you dont have to tell everyone... They will be able to smell you a mile off. She was so full of herself that is was actually comical.
You all already know who I am cheering for on Next Food Nextwork Star (Go Aarti)... but I have not honestly been extremely impressed with the designers on Design Star. They are in the middle of the road for me... No one stands out to me as the leader of the pack. I thought that it was Nina, but soon realized that was only because she brain washed me into believing that with her "Im the best designer" affirmations.

Ummm, I do have a few request of the current HGTV stars

Kim (Miles of Styles)

I Love your show, I Love your POV and I LOVE Morocco BUT I am getting tired of seeing the same color pallet (hues of yellow), curtains that drag on the floor and middle eastern deco. I know that you have it in you Homegirl to really surprise me... show me something new, teach me something and please make me wonder what color you are going to pull out of that bag

Vern (judge of Design Star)

Congratulations to you and your partner on your new baby... but honey I can tell that you have not been getting any sleep because you are EXTRA grouchy this season.

And Lastly...

Where is this Guy? Antonio

He was the winner of last seasons Design Star. I was so looking forward to his show. Haven't seen it yet. All that HGTV shows now a days are homes no one can afford and other people buying houses during the worst economical time in the History of the United States.

Now, I want to make sure that I make this clear I love you both Food and HGTV , I love you both very much but a little constructive criticism never hurt a soul.
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feliz cumpleanos

Happy Happy Birthday to Mr Taylor.

Yesterday we had a Fiesta Themed party to celebrated Keesha's Dads Birthday.
There was food, cake and mini mustaches for everyone.
(you had to be there to understand the mustaches)

Happy Birthday... and Many More
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Project Runway

Season 8 of Project Runway premieres on July 29

The Best Show on Earth Debuts on next week Thursday. So exited!!!
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Onion Bhaji

Indian Thursday Night Month was kicked off what a BANG!!!
The new dish that we served this week was Onion Bhaji.

Onion Bhaji is considered as a traditional appetizer that is served with mango chutney... we did it even better justice and made it our Star Side Dish.

Its light and flaky and FRIED... What could be better on a hot summers night?

Its the equivalent to an Australian Blooming Onion only with the spicy, pungent flavors of East India.

For the full Meal please see: Food, Recipes and Reviews

We caped the night with a delicious and deceiving Non Alcoholic Beverage.

St. Pauli Non-Alcoholic has a pleasant hop aroma, a well-balanced malt flavor, crisp hop finish and the taste of an imported beer without the alcohol. This N.A. has been a Gold Medal winner for the American Tasting Institute Best Imported Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage. She's a pure, high-quality Girl.

St. Pauli N.A. is also the #1 Imported Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage sold in the U.S.

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The simple things

Today was a day full of the simple things. Nothing major happened. I had no drama, no deadlines, no anxieties... it was just simple. I had Cream of Wheat for breakfast and left over eggplant parm for Lunch. The highlight of my day was dinner with with my Godchild Micha. We went skating (kind of) and had undercooked skating rink pizza followed by an ice cream cone for a local Mc Do. Watching him make a mess and him allowing us to laugh at him was the best.
(clearing throaty)...
Dear Simple Day,Please come again. When you ask?
My schedule is always free for you. I am signing this note with Love only because its true.

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bye bye brianna

Bye Bye Brianna

This season on Next Food Network Star
I have only been cheering for two contestants Brianna and Aarti
Even though I really liked Brianna she was so not camera ready and she dressed inappropriately for the challenges. Best to you Brianna... you were a great cook.
Food Network is totally ready for an Indian Chef... Come on Aarti!!!
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number one

Keesha and I (Deon) are always bouncing links and blogs back and forth to each other and most of them are about our favorite hobby...COOKING AND EATING.
Since we have accumulated such ideas and tend to have a opinion on a number of topics we decided to share a little of ourselves with our friends and family.
I have really been wanting to blog for a number of years now and have started blogs before but somehow abandon them after a few post. I hope that this blog is similar to going to the gym with a friend... we will encourage each other.
I hope that you all enjoy this blog as much as we will enjoy posting it.