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The Night the World has been waiting for. I'm so excited about the Season Premiere of
Project Runway.

I am also So excited that Models of the Runway IS NOT coming on after P.R.
(what took them so long to see that show is lame)

Its my pleasure to introduce a New Series... ON THE ROAD with Austin & Santino.
(debut right after project runway)

Arguably two of the best Non-Winning, yet most entertaining contestants in Project Runway History.
-stay turned tomorrow for series and season premiere review-

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joint effort pr and marketing,llc | July 30, 2010 at 1:32 PM

Okay, since no one comments on this post I will.
I Heart Project Runway and Hated the On the Road show. Awww, man it was such a snooze. Before I knew it I was texting my husband in the other room pushing back my finger nail cuticles.

P.R was totally harsh and I loved it. They were not playing... I really dont see how the current contestants got on the show. There were only a few GOOD pieces. I do like Casanova, Im sure his name has something to do with it.
I know this season will be totally cut or be cut!

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