After a long day for of the same ol... same ol... there was a "silver" lining.

I was driving up to my house, the only one in the neighborhood with a Red Door when something caught my eye.

There was something on the porch.

By the time I got the car into the driveway and gathered all my things I totally forgot about the image I saw as when I passed the door.

Walking tiredly, feet hurting (fashion is pain), hands full, mind Penser'ing (the verb to think in French; Penser)... I walk up the two brink stairs and came face to face with a Big Orange Box.

Now, dont get me wrong the box was the most beautiful color of orange but contents were mind blowing.

12 piece Gourmet Cookware Set.

You guys dont understand. ALL of my pots and pans I have are either stolen from my Mother (thanks mom) or have purchased for less than 2 bucks at my local thrifty/bargain stores.

I was having such a crummy day.... I mean a crummy week and this has simply MADE MY YEAR.

I opened the box and photoed them all for you guys. Then I made a nice hot bath for them with lots of soap and washed them all... looking at my reflection in each of the clean, silver, shinny bottoms.

Now, even though I was excited about getting the pots slowly the fact that I was so tired crept back into my body. All I wanted to do was fill each pot with something fabulous to eat. Something that would make Bobby Flay want the recipe.

BUT... because I was so beat up by the day... I just made rice and stir-fry (boo)

Oh well, I will have them FOREVER... well that is until my children steal them from me. Karma!

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