These are two of my favorite things (today)

Two of my fav shows on Two to best Networks
(both show tonight @ 8 or 9 or 7?)

I know that everyone has their favorite but these two represent the two things that I love the most.
Im so GLAD that Nina from Design Star has been kicked off last week. Its always great to be confident. When you know that you are talented you dont have to tell everyone... They will be able to smell you a mile off. She was so full of herself that is was actually comical.
You all already know who I am cheering for on Next Food Nextwork Star (Go Aarti)... but I have not honestly been extremely impressed with the designers on Design Star. They are in the middle of the road for me... No one stands out to me as the leader of the pack. I thought that it was Nina, but soon realized that was only because she brain washed me into believing that with her "Im the best designer" affirmations.

Ummm, I do have a few request of the current HGTV stars

Kim (Miles of Styles)

I Love your show, I Love your POV and I LOVE Morocco BUT I am getting tired of seeing the same color pallet (hues of yellow), curtains that drag on the floor and middle eastern deco. I know that you have it in you Homegirl to really surprise me... show me something new, teach me something and please make me wonder what color you are going to pull out of that bag

Vern (judge of Design Star)

Congratulations to you and your partner on your new baby... but honey I can tell that you have not been getting any sleep because you are EXTRA grouchy this season.

And Lastly...

Where is this Guy? Antonio

He was the winner of last seasons Design Star. I was so looking forward to his show. Haven't seen it yet. All that HGTV shows now a days are homes no one can afford and other people buying houses during the worst economical time in the History of the United States.

Now, I want to make sure that I make this clear I love you both Food and HGTV , I love you both very much but a little constructive criticism never hurt a soul.

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kdr'S | July 26, 2010 at 6:29 PM

Since no one else reads or post anything I thought that I would. I was so excited about watching my two favorite shows and ended up falling asleep. Luck-a-lee I recorded them.


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