The simple things

Today was a day full of the simple things. Nothing major happened. I had no drama, no deadlines, no anxieties... it was just simple. I had Cream of Wheat for breakfast and left over eggplant parm for Lunch. The highlight of my day was dinner with with my Godchild Micha. We went skating (kind of) and had undercooked skating rink pizza followed by an ice cream cone for a local Mc Do. Watching him make a mess and him allowing us to laugh at him was the best.
(clearing throaty)...
Dear Simple Day,Please come again. When you ask?
My schedule is always free for you. I am signing this note with Love only because its true.

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_Amina M | July 21, 2010 at 7:11 PM

Oh for the simple days. I like :D

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