Hair and Beauty week: Day#3

Lets have a hair heart to heart

A number of readers have asked how long I have been natural...
well this post in my love note to you.

I have been natural for the majority of my life, so there are things about transitioning that I dont know BUT I do wish I had money for a billboard that said "hair doesn't make the girl honey". Though I am saying this now with such authority I actually wish I would have come to this conclusion myself many moons ago. I spent many hair years hating my wooly hair and trying to keep my hair as "neat" as possible to appear more "professional". I used to hate when people would point at my hair, and I literally cringed when people referred to me as Afrocentric. It was reactions like this that prompted me to press my hair for many many years. Did my reaction suggest I had issues with appearing too ethnic? Honestly, I think that it did.

One of my favorite quotes by Elanor Roosevelt, is; No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Going natural is more than just transitioning out of a relaxer, going natural starts with reflecting on what led you to the relax your hair in the first place, and the views you have about yourself, what hair means to a women and what NAPPY hair represents . One day my soul just open up and I became REAL. I pressed my hair to appear "normal" but Im not normal... Im special. My advice for anyone who is going natural is to make sure you still feel special. Rather you wear your hair in a fro or pressed, braids or twist; your hair is a direct reflection on who you are. Understanding this makes dealing with your change in appearance easier, and it even puts you in a position to laugh off ignorant hair comments... trust me, there will be ignorant comments.

So, to all may natural sisters out there, what piece of advice can you offer someone who is considering going natural?



Lets talking about the safe way to lighten your eye brows.
Eye brow philosophy according to Deon

I think that if you have dark hair that your brows should be one or two shades lighter and if you have light hair that your brows should be a few shades darker... how ever it goes, I think that the brows need to be in some relationship with your hair.

Here is what I use:[before]


Photo at the top this post was taken today... yep, I have straight hair!!!
Tune in tomorrow for Hair pressing techniques and the truth about natural hair and coloring.


besos, Lynn | June 8, 2011 at 8:53 AM

Thanks for sharing! I agree, I have natural un permed hair. I mostly wear it straight in the winter (blow dry) and curly in the summer.

Ife' | June 8, 2011 at 10:10 AM

waaaait! I need to see a full photo of the straight hair.

I've always been natural, too but as I mentioned on my blog, I've spent most of my life pressing my hair into submission. I wish I could go back and tell myself "girl, you're gonna miss those frizzy curls!"

Anyway, your hair always looks GREAT!

Corie | June 8, 2011 at 6:31 PM

I love your hair straight!

I have naturally curly hair, but ever since high school I would blow dry and press it straight. My hair is really thick & it was just too much to handle; a lot of work.

Now I use flat irons to straighten much better.

But my daughter loves showing her natural curls. Every blue moon she'll use the flat iron to straighten it, only because she's going for a different look.

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