Day #2 Detangling and Deep Conditioning


So, I must confess... there has been times that I have not touched my hair for months because I dreaded the detangling process... its such a pain -- literally!!!

What I have found that eases the pain is before washing the hair to spray your hair with water and a few drops of detangling conditioner. I use something really cheap like VO5 or something on sale at Dollar General... You just need something to help with the detangling. Saturate the hair and section the hair... Starting the ends, use your wide tooth comb to slowly comb through hair.
Once hair has all been combed in sections, I wash my hair in those sections to insure that they do not retangle. This makes LIFE so much easier and if your like me, your tender headed... this method saves you some heartache and pain

Conditioning is such controversial issue... what conditioner is a good one? How do you know if its working?
Okay, what I have learned about conditioner is that the thicker the better. I love a thick, creamy conditioner.... If its thin and kinda runny, 9/10 its running right out of your hair.

Suggestion: Once your hair is clean and still in sections, apply a generous about of conditioner. Now, I know that the products that I am about to suggest are expensive BUT have you all noticed that you can get some fantastic hair care products at TJMaxx and Marshells for the low. Its like a great kept secret.
Apply the conditioner and massage from root to tip. I have a tendency to make sure that the hair gets conditioner but not the scalp... make sure that all of your hair is getting feed.
Leave conditioner on for 30 minutes if your going to sit under a dryer or use heat and 1 hour if your not. This insure that your getting a deep conditioning.
Rinsing out your conditioner is the most important part of cleaning your hair... especially if your going to be pressing your hair. Raise with warm water until all the product is out... ALL OF IT!!! Leaving some in your hair can result in sad, dull hair. Once all the product is out raise your hair change the water temperature to cold. Raising with cold water closes the hair follicle as well as leaves your hair shinny.

Here are some of my favorite conditioners.