Update: Runny Egg

Sunny Egg Update

So, I tried it and I have to say... It didnt kill me. It isnt something that I would eat often but if it shows up on my pizza again I will be okay. I tried it the traditional way and eat it with wheat toast.

Please note... I did have my normal weekend breakfast on hold in case the egg deal was a bust.

So, Hey... all you egg eaters out there... how long do you cook it? I know you cook it until the white is done but my yoke was almost cooked fully by the time that I felt comfortable to try to eat it.

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Ag | March 2, 2011 at 3:07 PM

It depends I can never really tell how long I cook eggs, it depends for boiled, to omelette's and scrambled. BUT I must always use non-stick! Nothing worse than cooking and the eggs getting stuck to the pan!

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