Doing the Weather Limbo

So, I dont know about where you in the the US but here we are in Weather Purgatory.

Its not hot and not cold but it is hot during the day and after 5p its cold and because its the last week in October your thinking fall so you wanna dress for the weather but the weather will not make up its mind.

Well, I dont want to offend any of our "fashionistas" out there but I have been struggling to understand the Sandal Boot? Its kinda like how I dont understand short sleeve or sleeveless sweaters.
It fully leather or suede but with the toes out...

Or to your knee with cuts in the leather that expose your legs.

It is not until now that I understand the point of having a Sandal Boot. Its the boot that you wear when your cities weather is in limbo.

Am I on this fashion island alone or does anyone else feel the same?

Love to hear whatcha thinking.

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