Project Runway Season 2 Marathon: Chloe

So, Today I took some time off and finally deep cleaned my office. (Painting this weekend, stay tuned)... Nothing helps you get the cleaning done faster than watching a Project Runway Marathon on Bravo.

Well, I actually missed the season finale of Project Runway last night... can you believe it? Something happened to my DVR and it didn't record. So, I have been trying to stay away from the blogs and twitter until I see the re-air on Saturday Night.

Well, the marathon Im watching is season 2, AKA the Santino Rice and Austin Scarlet season.

Its bananas to see what they are designing... all that you can think about is "what freakin year is this". The clothing, hair and makeup is horrible... well its not horrible it just looks like it was recorded in 1999.

Well, I wanted to see what the winning designer Chloe was up to... I was not a fan of her work during the show and I cant say that I am totally in Love with the collection that she has at Lot 8 BUT there is a silver lining... Her wedding collection is delightfully surprising.

Simply and Elegant.

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Dee O. | November 1, 2010 at 12:20 PM

WOW, these dresses are absolutely gorgeous!!!


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