The Grand Finale!!!

Dont Let the Sunshine Fool You... I'm Freezing!

So, I cant believe that its over. This is our last day of the 30 for 30 challenge. I have admit that I am glad that its over!!! I learned so much about my closet as well as how I LIKE to shop but that I don't NEED anything. I actually have things in my 30 that I only wore once or didn't wear at all. Amazing!!! Thank you Kendi for this challenge... I totally cant wait for the spring challenge. I want to say THANK YOU to all my friends who would check to make sure that what I was wearing was in my 30... This has really been a blast... But let me tell you about the thrift shopping that will be going DOWN tomorrow!!! I can not wait...
Baby, its COLD outside. Its after 1pm and its still 20 degrees outside. Okay, so for some of you this might be the norm but this chick from Florida will NEVER be used to it!!!

Jeans: Bitten
Turtle Neck: Gap
Blazer: Target
Scarf: Gap (circa 1998)
Hat: Hubby's (H&M)

So, this scarf is so random. I have tried to get rid of it for years. My sister and I brought them in the 90s. I have tried to donate it, give it to a friend and for some reason it just would not go away. Well I have just decided to embrace it... besides I have noticed that the chunky scarf is totally in... glad I kept it. Let this be a lesson to you... throw/give away NOTHING. I am about 5'2 and this scarf is taller than me. I named it "the big dog"... its honestly cold enough to pull out the "bigdogs".

On our 30th day of this challenge we made it to 30 followers. We started this challenge with 18 faithful followers and now we have 30... Wowzer!!! Thank you guys. Please keep following!

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