Turning 29!!!

29 Things Ive Learned About Myself.... Birthday Edition

  1. I love my husband more than anything
  2. I will probably never act my age
  3. This year I have been obsessed with the colors pink and gray
  4. Though I have not matured in personality my relationship with God has
  5. Im still scared of Hummingbirds (maybe next year)
  6. I dont miss eating meat
  7. I still dont wash my makeup off before I go to bed
  8. I am a loyal friend to a fault
  9. I LOVE fashion but I dont like to pay for it. "id rather be thrift shopping" what a great bumper sticker
  10. I fall of everything and believe most everything I hear
  11. I dont like black and white movies
  12. I will only eat fried foods if I am the one frying it #dontjudgeme
  13. I dont miss drinking
  14. Id rather spend a day with my husband than anyone else
  15. I have to think really hard about things that I want... Im really blessed
  16. I hate cheap Q-tips
  17. I hate going to work out but once I am there I am glad that I went
  18. I dont enjoy wearing a bra
  19. I would rather bit my nails then cut them
  20. I think cutting vegetables is relaxing
  21. I am STILL not my hair... though we have a lot in common
  22. You cant change people so be the change you want to see
  23. Once upon a time I spoke French and now its a faint memory
  24. I havent recycled (I dont throw away paper) a magazine since 2007 (there my reference books)
  25. I think its funny when the people on the Biggest Loser fall off the treadmill #shameface
  26. Blonds dont have more fun... that is a myth... final answer
  27. I have a crush on Bravo's Andy Cohen
  28. I am a total optimist... I believe in fairy tales, rainbows and unicorns
  29. And Lastly I think its funny when I pass gas... there I said it!!!
Its 10 minutes till Midnight... the official end of my Birth-date... but not to worry there will be parting this weekend
Stay tuned


Linka | December 19, 2010 at 10:54 AM

This is great!! I love 9 and 29!!!

_Amina M | December 19, 2010 at 10:45 PM

Best blog I read all day!

**OnYxStA** | January 2, 2011 at 7:45 PM

so honest...i wont lie, still dont do no.7 LOL


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