Sunny Day!!! Day 27 of 30

Oh What a Beautiful Day!

So, today has been most random... actually this week has been a little off and today after lunch I realized that I have had a pretty crummy week. I just couldn't get anything to go my way!!! I must admit that this picture did make me smile... something about nature and how easy it is makes me happy.

So grateful that tomorrow is FRIDAY. I am just so excited!!! I always plan this restful weekend in my mind and unfortunately it does not ever turn out that way but at least I don't have to work or be bothered unless I want to be.
Sweatpants and tee shirts here I come!!!

I can not believe that our 30 for 30 challenge is almost over... it seems just like yesterday that we were pulling out random clothing and snapping shots of them... Time really does fly when youre having fun. Yesterday Keesha mentioned how much her other clothing missed her... I seriously know the feeling. I tried on somethings today... kinda excited about putting on my "old" clothing. I want to already lay out my wardrobe in my mind for Monday and Tuesday of next week ... since I have not had much to choose from each day I have this fear that Monday will be horrible trying to find something to wear. Just trying to be 'proactive'

Well, guys I do want to ask you all a question. Before we did the 30 for 30 challenge we were just starting out and really blogged about randomness... Since the challenge we went from 11 followers to 29!!! That is fabulous. Thank you to all our faithful followers... you guys are fabulous!!! I want to truly thank TWITCH VINTAGE for all the advice today. Your ultra fabulous... You guys have to check out her blog and store.
Well, I wanted to know that since the challenge is almost over what would you like us to still blog about. If you scroll back in some of out older post we rarely took pictures of ourselves... and I have noticed that there are TONS of blogs out there that are just about fashion... so what do you all want to see? We have had a number of comments and the thing that most people ask Deon (me) is about my hair... A few people want Keesha to do a house tour (she has the most fabulous house)... So we were thinking about doing more post on hair, makeup and skin care and home deco stuff... of course we would still do some fashion and food but we would love to know what you guys thought.

Shoes:Gift from Grandpat

Pink Blazer: Thrifted
Blouse: Target
Tweed Pants: Old Navy
Black Boots: Thrifted

We can not wait to see what you guys thoughts are.

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Linda W | December 12, 2010 at 3:54 PM

I love the fashion, of course, but you two should be sure to blog about whatever makes you happy. You want to be sure to enjoy it or no one will read it!

The Auspicious Life

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