Im ALIVE and I am making Soup!!!


Thank you guys for all of your "get well soon" messages. I had a horrible cold and am just now feeling back to normal.

I have so much to update you all on. Even though I was sick I was still trying to be a busy body while no one was looking.

I visited my favorite food blogger Shutter Bean and she made some broccoli soup that sounded to die for. Well since WalMart had fresh broccoli on sale for 70cent a pound I could not help but to send my husband there to get a few pounds. (You should have known that I wasnt going to actually go inside of walmart... have I ever shared with you all my detest for walmart?... Its a long story and I will save if for another day)

I LOVE getting meal ideas from ShutterBean... she is fabulous. I took her idea and added my own twist.

I know that we have all done things when we are sick and they do not turn out the way that they would normally if you were well... you know the meds kinda make you weird. Well even though the soup was fabulous I made it in the biggest pot in the world (lol)... I made 5 cups of soup in a 1000 gallon pot... idk!

What you will need:
Broccoli (recommended fresh with steams)
Vegetable Broth
Half and Half
Cream Cheese
Sour Cream
Cheddar Cheese (what ever type you like actually)
Homemade Croutons
Hot Chili Sause (optional)

Allow your half stick of butter to melt and add your onions and broccoli.
Once the onions are soft you can add the flour. Stir well until onions and broccoli is coated.
Then add your broth, half and half or cream (if your feeling fancy). When you are pouring in your liquids make sure your stirring. The flour is going to thicken your soup. You don't need a lot just about 3-5 tablespoons.
You can then Add your sour cream and cream cheese and mix well until melted.
You dont want your soup to boil but you can keep the heat kinda high and get your broccoli cooked down.

Here is my secret weapon. Balsamic Vinegar it adds a little J'ne sais quoi that I really like in soup, next time your made Tomato soup add just a dash, it changes the taste of the acid in the tomato... its fabulous!
Okay, so now that your broccoli is soft, using your emulsion blender blend completely. Remember that you have steams and florets so make sure you blend well.

Once its blended well add your cheeses, salt and pepper to taste. Your going to love this soup. Its creamy and cheesy!!!

I topped mine with hot Chili Sauce. I made croutons for the hubby. I used a baguette, cut into cubes, brushed with olive oil and baked on 400 for 10-15 minutes.

I really hope that you enjoy the soup.

Okay so last thing. I have been using Mason Jars to store flour, sugar and nuts in lately and I finally got them all together for a picture. They are so handy, you can scoop out of them or pour into something. They are great... just a suggestion.

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