First Day in the First Grade!

So tomorrow is the big day! First grade are you ready for Micah? I hope you are because this guy is ready for you!!!
My baby boy is so excited to go to school tomorrow and i'm glad that he loves school so much. The only problem i'm having is that MOMMY IS NOT READY!!!! I cant believe that the little man that I gave birth to is growing up so fast *tear* I know I'll survive but I dont have to like it :)
Anywho, below i've posted some pictures of Micah from his Adventure with The Grandpat (my father). Grandpat took Micah on a roadtrip to Chicago for 3 days of fun before school starts tomorrow. Here are a few shots from their trip:

" Hey Micah, say Peas!"

I think Micah was impressed. Thats alot of work lugging all those instruments!

A trip to Chicago isnt complete without a boat ride on Lake Michigan.

Waiting for the Metra Train

Myself and the best father a gal could ask for! I Love You Daddy :)

*sigh* So I suppose I have no choice. He must go to school or the truancy officer(if there is such a thing anymore) will come and take me for a ride in the paddy wagon! Hope I dont cry tomorrow....


playcousansmusic | August 9, 2010 at 8:02 AM

Grandpat that great! Nobody likes to be called grandfather. Maybe oneday I can be Grandart!

kdr'S | August 9, 2010 at 5:39 PM

Or maybe Art the Great! You know my dad is special so he was excited to create this name for himself :)

BTW, thanks for the add!

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