Why Wasabi WHY!!!

So, I heart Sushi. Its clean and fresh and light. Its the perfect meal after a really busy day. You have to use chop sticks (cause it only taste good if you do) and you cant bit it. You have to put it all in your mouth at one time and it means you cant talk. All you CAN do it enjoy the layers of flavor and texture that is sushi.

Well(st) obviously (ode to Antoine Dodson) Wasabi is HoOOoooTTT. Hot is actually an understatement. It abnormal. Its like nothing you have ever experienced in your whole life if eaten raw.

Since I love my food and my men extra spicy I always have a great mix of Soy Sauce and Wasabi that I always do. So since I am on a budget and could not afford the $15 Sexy Ban that I normally get from Monaco's Scene Restaurant but really needed some Sushi I picked up some from my favorite Target location.

I was so excited to get home and grab my neon pink chop sticks and enjoy. I have made this Soy and Wasabi mix 100s of times. But tonight was different. The ratio was clearly off and I think that I experience temporary blindness when the food hit my mouth. It was SO HOT. My Mandula Oblongata felt like it was on fire... some how I hurt it. It was burning. Something really went wrong. I have never been in such physical pain because of something that I eat. It was so wrong. I was so sad.

So the moral of this story is to never eat Sushi from Target... It doesn't sound right to eat Japanese food from Target anyway and trust me... it isn't.

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_Amina M | August 12, 2010 at 6:32 PM

But... FRESH MARKET makes wonderful Sushi... As does Earth Fare.

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