RAID!!! BooM!!!

I would not say that I am a naturalist but I am not into chemicals, especially in my house or in my body. I know that use of unnatural products is hard to run away from but I really do try to avoid them if possible.
One of the big problems this summer has been with ANTs.... they are so aggravating. Marching up the wall, cross the floor, along your base boards. I think they are cute and I have to say that the organization they have is something to be desired but I don't want them in my house.

I have tried various methods of making them go away without having to release a cloud of smelly chemicals into my house but most of the natural methods have to do with food that Blanket (my dog) really loves to lick up. Well, I found the perfect house hold RAID for ants. Cream of Wheat!!!
Thats right. I really hate to say what happens to the little guys when they eat it but to make a unpleasant story short they go to ant heaven.
You can use Cream of Wheat indoors and out. Pets normally will not bother it and your ant problem disappears.

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_Amina M | August 19, 2010 at 4:18 PM

WOW THANX!! I never knew this!

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