A full DVR!

So last week was so busy but Sunday I had a blast catching up on all the shows that I missed last week.

Ummm, Where should I start.

Okay so lets start with Yesterday and work backwards.

My eye candy on Design Star is gone.

I was so happy to hear that Courtland was married, there is such an unfortunate stereo type label that is placed on Interior and Clothing designers. He made some grave missteps while on the show and I really hated that he ALWAYS did that plaster looking wall finish BUT because he did it for 8 episodes I now know how to do it too. Thanks Courtland!

Food Network Star
(Food Network)


I was on the edge of my seat while watching the WHOLE Episode. I was so scared that she wasnt moving fast enough... that she wastn going to finish... I was screaming at the TV for her to hurry.
When the Iron Chef Cat Cora said"Damn Girl" those were my thoughts exactly. I was so excited to see how well she did. I dont eat shrimp... I dont actually eat meat and she really make that Shrimp look great. I dont like shrimp because its so Pink and slimy looking but she made is look so delicious.

I also found her food blog. I am so excited. We are in our last week on Indian food and we have to do a recipe from her blog.
Even though her blog doesnt say if she won yet but I KNOW that Food Network really needs her. She is a total Star to me and I really hope that once she wins that she keeps up her blog.

(Two of my favorite chefs)

Bad News for Project Runway...

So Keesha and I have a theory. We think that PR is on its last leg. Once it moved From Bravo to Lifetime I dont think that the talent followed them. I have this sad feeling that they are in their last seasons.
The episodes are trying to do to much... to many unsuccessful things. Maybe isnt because I dont throw clothing away once the button comes off now that I have learned to sew but Im just not as impressed anymore.
Now dont get me wrong, I will keep watching because I just have to but its not the same.
I have been wrong before and maybe I should not judge a show by 2 episodes but we will have to see how it goes.


I am a Foodie and an Artie... I love them both

Work of Art, the search for the next great artist is a really cool show. I like being able to watch art from the beginning to showroom.... that is a rare experience and I guess that is why its so special to me.
I have finally found the Artist that I want to win.
He is young and ultra talented.


I can not wait for the next few episodes because most seasons are coming to an end. 3 of 4 of the shows that I review are in the finals. I can not wait to see the shows this week.

Stay Tuned!!!

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