County Fair

So, for 10 YEARS I have been asking my husband to take me to the Fair. When we first started dating he didnt want to sound like a Mr. Scary Pants so every year when the fair would roll into town he would find some reason that we could not go. He always tried to act like he had something planned for us to do that very same day and after awhile I would forget about it until the next year.
Well, as our relationship grew the truth finally came out. My husband is not just afraid of Heights he is afraid of Fair/Theme Park Rides (all of them) and Water.

Here is my Husband... Does he look like he would be afraid of anything? Nope! But trust me, he is first to tell you his long list of "DON'T's"

Well Keesha... My fearless friend and I were talking one day and decided that since her husband wouldnt take her either that we would just go together. What a great plan... well so it seemed.

I was so excited about finally going after all these years that I had to go a brag to my husband that I was going to the Fair with Keesha and that we were going to get Unlimited Arm Bands and Ride all the rides.
Now, after 10 years... all of a sudden...he was "planning" on taking me. He "claims" he saw the commercial and thought to himself that he would take his wife.
Unbeknown to me Keesha's Husband was saying the same thing.

Bla Bla Bla Husbands... You didnt have no such a plan!!! All they could think about was the fair food... and they were on board.

To the MIDWAY we go!!!

Some Rides were pure fun while other rides were so scary they changed my life.
Sorry, I suggested sitting in the front Keesha!

All in all we had a blast. The Husbands come and they were so efficient in holding our bags and getting water. Dj actually got on a ride... I was really proud of him.
I hope its not another 10 years before we go to the fair again. Here's to Hoping!


_Amina M | September 15, 2010 at 6:48 PM

I wanna go to the fair. I didn't even know it was happening till it was over!!!

kdr'S | September 18, 2010 at 9:16 PM

Story of my life Mina... story of my life

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