It Our Anniversary

Awww, Two Years with the Man that I Love. It honestly feel like yesterday that we were saying the I Do's.

How sweet it is to be Loved by You... its like heaven baby!!!

This morning was wonderful, we layed in bed and exchanged morning breath and kisses as we wished each other Happy Anniversary.

I went to our favorite breakfast take out and get some soft fluffy egg and cheese croissants. I tried to get this half off since it our personal holiday but the Mr Meany Pants at NY Deli was not having it. "Thats okay Mr Meany, Im still not going to like cooking in the AM so Ill be back tomorrow"

Well our day was moving along nicely until now. ALLERGIES!!! Im so sick of sneezing, sniffing, itchy, runny bla bla bla. I hate my allergies. They ruin everything. Who wants to have lunch with someone who keeps having to blow their noise and wipe tears away from their running eyes? Gross Out!!!

Well since we haven't made any memories for this our two year anniversary yet Ill share with you last years anniversary instead.

Stay tuned for this years Anni Festivities... we are going to the Beach. I cant imagine but it will be my Husbands first time at the beach... he doesn't swim but we are going to stay beach side for 4 days luxurious day. So excited!!!

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Linka | October 1, 2010 at 9:19 PM

LOVE THIS!!! CONGRATS... I know I'm late

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