Earth Fare Goodness!!!

So, normally on Thursdays as you know we cook. Well, Obviously every great cook takes a break from the apron, pots and stove. We took are appetites to Earth Fare. One of our quick favorites. They are a fabulous grocery store but they are also an eatery. They have a great selection of Gluten Free and Vegetarian entrees. Wait, let me back up. I have a confession... I dont know what Gluten Free means. So I understand that its flour and wheat but why is it so bad. When did people become allergic to gluten. I mean they have Restaurants in this city that have skull and bones across the word like its a No Smoking or Drug Free area.

Im just making an observation as to how unpopular gluten is all of a sudden and I still dont know what it is. Someone help me! You can tell that I dont mind looking ignorant... Im sure I could google it but Im sure its going to be a long article about how bad it is... I want the short and sweet answer.

So where was I? Oh yeah... Earth Fare... it was good. Hubby and I got a mix of things and just eat out of each others plates. They have these Thai Soy Nuggets that are to die for. Note: Their food containers look like a cheap cafe but trust the contents is wonderful.

The best part of Thursdays is that Kids Eat Free! Little Corrin enjoyed her cheese pizza.

Micah shared his fruit snacks with me... they were freakin delicious. I dont have any reason to look at fruit snacks in the grocery store so I have never heard of these Annie's fruit snacks. They are wonderful. They are like actual fruit exploding in your mouth.
Thanks Micah for sharing. Just know that auntie will always have some of these when you come over... they are my new favorite... well that is if Uncle Courtney doesnt eat them all when Im not looking. We are both hooked.

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