Worlds Most Hated Vegetables

Vegetables... the most hated word in your diet. Most people hate having to get all those veggies in a day. Well, I happen to love vegetables but what I dont like is eating them the same way each night.
Here are some recipe ideas for some of the worlds most hated vegetables... for old and young alike.
After you try these simple recipes, I am SURE that you will never see them the same way again.

Grilled Asparagus

fresh asparagus
kosher salt
ground pepper
olive oil

I have purposely left out quantities because you can either make enough to feed an army or just for you and yours.

Place asparagus on cookie sheet and drizzle olive oil over asparagus, add gracious amount salt and pepper.

Grill asparagus for 15-18 minutes depending on the size of asparagus.

Serve immediately. I promise you will become an asparagus lover!!!

Brussels Sprouts

If there is one vegetable that is attached to the worst childhood memory its the Brussels Sprout. Parents used to lie and say "oh, look how cute they are, or that they look just like baby cabbage" they would make you eat them but you noticed that they were rarely on their plates.

Well, here is a recipe for the "forbidden" vegetable that I am sure everyone will enjoy.
Fried Brussels Spouts... its fried, so you KNOW that they are gonna be good!

canola oil
brussels spouts (trimmed)
melted butter
kosher salt
ground pepper

Once again, the amount depends on how many people you would like to feed.

wash and trim your spouts. dry them very well. if not they will make a mess when you deep fry them. make sure your oil is hot and drop in small batches of the spouts. Check them after about 2 minute. they will start to get brown around the edges.
once they are browned, drain them on a paper towel. cover with melted butter and sprinkle with scallions, salt and pepper, toss and serve immediately. ( can use frozen spouts as well, just defrost in the microwave. They dry out in there kinda well... after thawed, follow directions above)

If you would like to make them ultra fancy, whisk together the garlic, bacon, red pepper, red wine vinegar, honey, scallions, walnuts and extra-virgin olive oil in a bowl large enough to toss all of the Brussels sprouts... the added ingredients are endless.


Marinated Beets


I have always been a different... and since I was a child I have LOVED Beets. I know, I know.... ewww!

Well, because I could not get anyone of eat them I decided to dress them up a little. By making them buttery, sweet and tangy... I have actually had them be requested for pot lucks.

2 cans of beets (drain)
1/2 sugar
1 stick butter
2 c orange juice
orange zest
3 tablespoons flour (some)

{i have to confuse... i cook by the rule of "some"... some of this, a little of that... I hope these measurements are perfect. from what i remember they should work. (teeth chattering)}

This is a really easy receipt but it does take a few hours to marinate... I always marinate mine over night.

in your zip lock bag you will add the beets, oj and sugar. sit in refrigerated over night or at least 4 hours.
In a large skillet add your butter... allow to melt and sprinkle in the flour. Using a whisk create a thick paste... this is called a rue. Add the LIQUIDS of your bag to the rue. While you are pouring the bagged liquids in stir with your whisk constantly. You may not need all of the liquid in the bag, add until you achieve the consistency desired. Incorporate your beets and reduce to a simmer for about 10 minutes. Add orange zest, serve and I promise you will enjoy!!!... Promise!

I hope that you enjoy these simple recipes.

I would also LOVE to tackle the vegetable that you hate the most. Other than these 3, which vegetables can't you stomach? I cant wait to hear back from you!

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